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  • Bulldog Marketing: How to Blog and Podcast using a Topic Specific Approach is now available as a PDF Download for 29.95. This workbook will walk you through How to connect to your vision, create a Topic list, and then slowly but simply take you through the steps to get a blog up on TypePad and a podcast with Hipcast using screenshots and non-technical language. If you want to start blogging, but consider yourself 'technically challenged' than this is for you. If you already understand how all of this stuff works, I have one comment... Where were you when I was trying to figure all of this stuff out???!!

It's a Girl! It's a Boy!

  • Whew! Tamara has been busy since having a litter of puppies right before Christmas. Congratulations to Eric and everyone at Mubev Bulldogs, and thanks for once again taking some great picutures!

Bulldogs are:

  • Tenacious! Did you know that they were bred to fight bulls that are more than 10 times their size? They could do that by hanging on to thier noses and and not let go. Now that's focus!

Meet Tamara

  • Thanks to Erik at Mubev Bulldogs for sharing his awesome pictures of Tamara! Check out his website for more great photos.

Go Ugly Early!

  • Going Ugly Early means from a content standpoint, get your stuff out there, and let the market tweak and fine tune it for you. Blogs are a perfect way to do that. Be willing to set yourself up for both positive and negative feedback and roll with the punches. A picture perfect manuscipt that has only had your critical eye on it's pages isn't doing anything. Get your message out, and see what happens!

Who is Brutus?

  • Brutus is a bulldog that I adopted and had for about a year. At the time I got him, I was working from home, not traveling so much, and was able to take care of him the way dogs deserve to be taken care of. After about a year, my lifestyle changed drastically, and I was out of town alot. Sure, Brutus had his doggie day care person, but it wasn't the kind of life I thought he should have. One of the hardest things I did was let Brutus be adopted by another family that really loves him. They had just lost one of their dogs, and had the kind of situation that would be great for him, so he lives with them now, and has a great life. I learned a lot from Brutus, and one of the biggest lessons he taught me was non-attachment. Thanks Brutie! ;)

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I am very excited about this feature too! I have been waiting for a long time for them to implement it. I was about to jump to WordPress but now I don't see the need :)

nelson d'aires

this is a very nice feature. it could be much better if in near future we can assign a diferent design for each page as a choice!


Sometimes I think my blog www.athleticstrengthandpower.com is too busy....if it was wider, i think it would look much better. Anyway...I'm not quite sure what you mean by "pages"....maybe I have made some on my site through back door methods?
Will the new feature help me.
BTW, is this site a pre designed theme...or did you create it...it looks good.

ed cicale

sorry...I didn't leave my contact info.... but, i'm still not quite sure how the new feature would help my site??


Actually it's always been possible to create stand alone pages using Typepad Pro and I've done this for at least two years already.

Just create a new template, set your tags to call the CSS, and the rest was simple html. The create a link on your main template and there you go. I was doing this prior to such being available on Wordpress, but it's nice to see Typepad finally make something accessible for everyone and being able to make a new page your front page opens up new possibilities for Typepad users that were not previously possible.

Kirsten Farris

Thanks for your comments. I checked out your site and yes, you have already created separate pages. For example, a category that you have archived posts shows up on one page, but like you said, the blog created that page for you, you didn't set out to create it yourself.
I think your blog is a huge resource for people, and you have a lot of content on your blog (BTW- my signicant other and I are huge fans of UFC and Rich Franklin). If you think it looks cluttered, try changing the background to white. My blog is just a custom template through TypePad, so you could play around with your template and see how it looks with a custom template.
How this new page feature would help you is that you could create a new 'Home Page' and then you could decide what you want that page to look like, and re-arrange your content categories and sidebar items.

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